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New Montessori course for Primary school (6-11) in San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)

saturday 06 may 2017

San Giovanni in Marignano: course 6-11, 2017-2018

The ONM organizes, with the cooperation of Fondazione Chiaravalle-Montessori, a new Montessori course in San Giovanni in Marignano for primary school teachers (550 hrs) authorised by the MIUR with D.M. n. 62 of 18/07/2012.

The admission form has to be sent to FCM's office by May the 31st 2017.

The submission form has to be sent to FCM's office by June the 13th 2017.

The course will begin on June the 17th 2017 in San Giovanni in Marignano at the Istituto Comprensivo Statale San Giovanni in Marignano (RN), via Ferrara 30 CAP 47482, with the following schedule: Saturday 9am-1pm and 2:30pm-6:30pm, Sunday 9am-1pm on alternate weeks.

In the case of a late arrival of your forms and documentations we will use the postmark date as a guarantee.

You’ll find the announcement, enrollment form and other infos on the downloadable files below.

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