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Enrollment to the convention "Active longevity in a rural environment"

friday 08 september 2017

Active longevity in a rural environment – Elderly people as the focus of a lifetime project

Sharing experiences on Montessori prospects for elderly people with cognitive disorders.


Among the many changes in our society, one of the most impactful is about the elderly people, constantly increasing in number and age. Marche Region (steeming from the Program of Rural Development - PSR) started new projects dedicated to the old people living in rural areas, aiming at the maintenance and stimulation of psychophysical abilities through a path of social inclusion, thus preventing the isolation and gaining the maximum of the peculiarities of each rural area in terms of welfare and life quality.


The target is to create a social net that connects those areas with those operating in volunteering and take-caring in order to guarantee new much needed services, all while favouring the agriculture.


The positive results monitorised by the INRCA saw the birth of a Marche model of  “laboratory of longevity in rural areas”. That underlines the activities of quality (jobs, therapies, socialising) dedicated to the elder population and pushes to the realisation of sensiorial paths and forms of reception inside the farms.


Today this model knows an evolution thanks to the experimentation of the Montessori method with elderly/dementia patients.

The experience on the matter from the Marche Region (in cooperation with the Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori and INRCA) allows the synergy to find, within a farm (involved in welfare), the right environment for this kind of experimentations towards the cure and management of degenerative diseases for elderly people.


On the next September the 22nd, inside the beautiful Teatro Valle in Chiaravalle (AN), many national and international keynote speakers will talk about this topic. Among them: Cameron Camp (executive research director of the Center for Applied Dementia of Solon, OH) a true pioneer and author of many books on Montessori and dementia, Sourour Pivion, Jerome Erkes and Marie Hmain.


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