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Training course for technical assistance of disabled – Opening

monday 19 september 2016

It is with a lot of pleasure that we inform our followers about the opening of a training course for technical assistance of disabled (to be held in Chiaravalle) on behalf of our FCM’s partner COOSS Marche.

In order to participate in said course you must fill the enrollment form (which you can download here below, along with other info) and send it, before October the 21st, via registered mail with return receipt (or hand delivery) to : COOSS Marche ONLUS scpa - Viale della Vittoria n. 85 – 60035 Jesi (AN) (by the postmark date, or scan it and send it via e-mail to jesi2@cooss,marche.it remarking the name of the course and its number  (A16 - 195423).

For more info you can check the form below or the COOSS Marche at:

Tel. 0731/213660 - fax.0731/214253

Website: www.cooss.it/it/formazione