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Convention "Signs and sounds of a conscious and protagonist child”

On Saturday the 14th of October, starting from 9am inside Astra Theatre of Castelfidardo, it will take place the 3rd annual national conference on Montessori education by the name of “Maria Montessori: signs and sounds of a conscious and protagonist child”.

The event, organised by the Montessori Marche association with Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori and IC P. Soprani, will have guests like: come Lucia Ferretti, Leonardo Fogassi, Luciano Mazzetti, Marco Santilli and Clara Tornar.

Enrollment via this link. Infoline: 3389034182 – info@associazionemontessori.it


The elder at the center of a life project

In the files below you will find the complete program of the international convention "The elder at the center of a life project".

The event will focus on the application of the Montessori method with elderly and mentally impaired people.

Last seats available at this link, hurry up!


Risk, Health and safety in the educational services

Fourth and last meeting about the development of the Agrinido model.

Saturday June the 24th in Gagliole at the “Agrinido Fornace degli gnomi”, starting from 10am, there will be a seminary about the “Risk, Health and safety in the educational services for Agri-Infanzia”.

Program and enrollment form attached.


Childrens' bodies, childhood wastes

New Montessori appointment inside the wonderful yurta tent in San Ginesio (MC) at the Agrinido della Natura. Sunday June the 18th, from 10am to 1pm, Mariangela Scarpini (teacher at the IC Montessori primary school in Chiaravalle and Phd at the Bologna University) and Viviana Bartolacci (Montessori nursery trainer) will talk about the right of childhood and how to apply the Montessori method at home.


Seminary “Good and balanced diet for the 1/6 child”

New dates announced for our meetings about the development of the Agrinido model.

Saturday June the 10th in Porto San Giorgio - FM - at the “Agrinido Arca di Noè”, starting from 10am, there will be a seminary about the “Good and balanced diet for the 1/6 child”.

The event will unfold as follows:

- 10.00am: enrollment

- 10.30am: Marco De Robertis – Bioloist nutritionist, PhD obesity and related patologies

“The child’s correct alimentation”

- 11.00am: Emma Acevedo – Dietist of ASL 4 Fermo

“Good and balanced diet for the 1/6 child”

- 11.30am: Olessia Tambovtseva – Longevity enterprises network

“Diet as a prevention in the active longevity project”

- 12.00am: Agrinido entrepreneurs

- 12.40am: lunch break (offered by the organisers)

- 2.30pm: Martina Crescenzi Biology Doctor (cv Nutrition), undergraduate in Primary education sciences “Maria Montessori and the childrens’ diet”

- 3.00pm: Monica Rizzieri – Showing the Agrinido Arca di Noè service

- 3.30pm: end of the meeting and visit to the farm

Coordinates: Cristina Martellini

Free entrance, max 30 seats. Enrollment (see attached form) to be sent by June the 8th at info@fondazionechiaravallemontessori.it

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Seminary in Ostra: economical sustainability of Agrinido farms for 1-6 year-old children

New dates announced for our meetings about the development of the Agrinido model.

Saturday May the 20th in Ostra - AN - at the “Agrinido Orto dei Pulcini”, starting from 10am, there will be a seminary about the “Sustainability of the educational services 1-6 for the local farms”.

The event will unfold as follows:

- 10am: enrollment

- 10.30am: Silvia Campanella – Responsible of Planning, control, HR, Education and Tourism at the Municipality of Chiaravalle

“Services between public and private: the experience of Chiaravalle’s nursery”


- 11am: Ada Manca – Responsible of Jesi’s Cooss Marche

“ Economical sustainability – managing the services for children”


- 11.30am: Evasio Sebastianelli – VP of CIA Marche

“Social agriculture: pros and cons”


- 12am: debate

- 12.30am: lunch break


- 2.30pm: Carla Fabini – Job consultant, Senigallia

“The impact of manpower in the Agrinidos’ costs: different opportunities of organization”


-3pm: Larisa Lupini – Presentation of Agrinido L’Orto dei Pulcini


- 3.30pm: End of the seminary and visit to the Agrinido

Coordinates: Cristina Martellini


Free entrance, max 30 seats. Enrollment (see attached form) to be sent by May the 18th at info@fondazionechiaravallemontessori.it

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Convention "Sport and playing as a peace education"

A new convention to talk about sport, playing and peace education through the Montessori experience. This time we'll be in Montemarciano, Wednesday May the 17th from 4:45pm, at the Raffaello Sanzio Primary school, where Prof. Roberto Farnè will be a keynote speaker.

Free entrance, a certificate of attendance will be given.


Help the life, educate to life

New Montessori convention named "Help the life, educate to life" on Saturday May the 6th, 08:30am, at the "Nuova Fenice" theatre in Osimo.

There will be keynote speeches by Dott.ssa Rita Scocchera, Prof. Raniero Regni and Dott.ssa Ulla Schidt.

Free entrance to be booked in advance.

Contacts: http://www.asso-osimo.it/wp/convegno_montessori/ or 0717134102


"A school for life: a job for life, from the nursery to the school/job alternation"

FRIDAY the 24th, from 2:30pm to 7:30pm:

Luigi Berlinguer, former Minister of Education
Introducing speech;

Luciano Mazzetti, chief of the "Centro Internazionale Montessori Perugia"

Maria Montessori e l’alternanza scuola-lavoro: cultura o civiltà del lavoro?;

Vanna Gherardi, University of Bologna

Active teaching, which skills are needed?;

Manuela Moscatelli, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”

The ambient as a place to learn rules;

Carlo Cipriani, Confindustria Marche
The role of industries in the school-job alternation.

Coordinates: Rosa Venuti, President of Irase Nazionale
Conclusions: Loretta Bravi, Marche Region Minister of education and work.

SATURDAY the 25the, from 8:30am to 1:30pm:

Piero Crispiani, University of Macerata

Starting a job and disability, the project and the control;

Rossella Mengucci, General board of school orders and school autonomy

The impact of school-job alternation on CVs;

Rainer Halfar, School principal of Feudenheim, Mannheim

Experiences of school-job alternation in Germany;

Guglielmo Loy, Secretary of national UIL
Unions and alternation: job culture for free and competent citizens.

It will be presented the experience of Liceo Perticari of Senigallia about the school-job alternation during the school year 2015/2016. Presented by Alfio Albani, school principal of I.C. Montessori-Chiaravalle and teacher Fernando Pancotti.
Coordinates: Elio Carfagna, President of Irase Ancona.
Conclusions: Noemi Ranieri, Secretary of national Irase.

Download and fill the enrollment form at this link. Free admission, reservation required. All enrollments must be sent to  by February the 20th.

Fondazione Chiaravalle-Montessori

Ludica - mente Montessori

The Montessori-Science duo comes back again in Fermo with "Ludica-mente Montessori", a day full of science related meetings promoted by the Associazione Montessori Porto San Giorgio, Isc Nardi and the Fondazione Chiaravalle-Montessori set for Saturday the 4th of February from 9am to 5pm at the historical "Teatro dell'Aquila".

The event, within the science fair "Fermhamente", consists in two separate sessions with the following speakers:

MORNING (9am - 12:30am, free entrance, max 180 seats):

Openings: Paolo Calcinaro (Mayor of Fermo), Nicola Loira (Mayor of Porto San Giorgio), Alfio Albani (President of Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori). Introduces Michela Melograni (President of Associazione Montessori Porto San Giorgio);

9:30am - Mario Valle (scientist and researcher at CSCS-Lugano) "A mental LEGO from child to scientist";

11:00am - Daniele Pasquazi (math and science professor) "Leonardo Da Vinci's geometric toys";

Moderates Daniela Medori (Principal at Isc Nardi)

AFTERNOON (2pm to 5pm, entrance is €10, to be booked in advance, max 96 seats)

 Three 50 minutes workshops Leonardo Da Vinci's geometric toys by Daniele Pasquazi.

Info & subscriptions:

3475464820, or