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Office's closures during Christmas time

FCM's offices closed on Dec. 24 and 31, Jan 7.

Christmas time is approaching us fast and we inform you that the FCM's offices, as well as Maria Montessori's birth house, will be closed on…

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President Alfio Albani interviewed by South-Korean TV SBS

The FCM inside a documentary on the famous pedagogist

The cameras of the South-Korean national TV SBS came visiting Chiaravalle on the last November the 22nd and 23rd to shoot a documentary centered around…

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A help for the "Agrinido della Natura"

Once again the FCM wants to be close to the people affected by the earthquake.

After last October's earthquake we would like to share with you a fundraiser call made by the "Agrinido della Natura", San Ginesio (MC), in order…

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Convention "A school for life, a job for life" postponed

Given the latest seismic events afflicting all of Central Italy, Marche in particular, the FCM and other promoters (Miur and Irase) decided together to postpone…

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Admission list to the Montessori course for 0-3 teachers 2016/2017

Here it is the official admission list to the Montessori course for 0-3 teachers to be held in Chiaravalle (AN) in 2016/2017.

In the…

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Marche Region: law 34/2012 on Montessori is now funded

The Marche Region council, reunited on the 18th of October 2016, has approved councellors’ Busilacchi and Giancarli motion to fund the regional law n°34/2012, a…

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Public selection - Call for an expert in EU projects (based on CV)

The Fondazione Chiaravalle-Montessori issues a public call in order to find competitive professionals. The applicants should be able to create new partnerships with both public…

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New Montessori course for nurseries teachers - October 2016

The wait is over! We’re glad to announce that, coming the next October the 29th, another Montessori training course will be activated in Chiaravalle, this time dedicated…

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Training course for technical assistance of disabled – Opening

It is with a lot of pleasure that we inform our followers about the opening of a training course for technical assistance of disabled (to…

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