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Admission rankings for kindergarden Montessori training

After last week's exams here is the admission rankings to the kindergarden free training program.

Withdrawal advices must be given to the FCM office by…

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Admission rankings for primary school Montessori training

After last week's exams here is the admission rankings to the primary school free training program.


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Info prova orale

La prova orale di ammissione si svolgerà in due date separate

In relazione alle selezioni del corso P.O.R. Marche – FSE 2014-2020, Asse III P.d.I. 10.4 R.A. 10.6. – DGR n. 991/2017 Progetti di formazione a favore…

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Free Montessori training admissions ranking

Lists of Pesaro and Chiaravalle (October 2018)

With this link you can download the admission rankings to the two Montessori training courses for public school teachers of kindergarden and primary…

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Free Montessori training courses in Chiaravalle/Pesaro

Maybe you were there, maybe you would have loved to come but couldn't so here are the downloadable files with the informations about the…

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For kindergarden and primary school teachers residing/living in the Marche Region. “Marche Montessori: un'aula grande quanto una Regione” Cod. Progetto 1003380

The Fondazione Chiaravalle Montessori, in partnership with Eurocentro srl, UniMC and ONM, happily presents to you the first two free Montessori training courses created…

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Summer openings FCM

We'd like to remind you that the FCM's office as well as Montessori's birth house will be closed from August 13th to the 20th included.

During the…

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Follow our new Facebook page

be updated with just a click

Due to a technical problem we were forced to shut down our old Facebook page and open a new one (at this address).

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Extraordinary office closure

Monday 11/06, afternoon


Due to a power interruction the FCM office, as well as the Maria Montessori birth house, will be closed on the afternoon of Monday…

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